Thursday, 9 July 2009

Recent stuffs

New pages for Rick Ragabash! For the past week been up all hours working on spreads for Templar art director, who wants to see more of mine and Milan's work after a previous email sent to Templar by Chiu on our behalf. Not sure what will come of it yet, but it's keeping me busy so I guess it's all good! Dead tired now though and Photoshop still frustrates me!!
Any feedback appreciated :-)

Hope you're all having fun times xxxxxxx


Hello fellow floundering favourite...fgraduates?! The only f I could think of there might have caused offense XP I don't know if anyone else has been having a brain might just be me...or it might just be the xbox 360 I got fautls >.>...either way I've found this very helpful!

I'm pretty sure I posted this on here before but refreshing doesn't hurt! Its got good ideas for things you can do just to add to your portfolio...! I'll post up the ones I've been doing when they're done...currently drawing the four seasons

Sunday, 5 July 2009

How exciting is this?! I just thought I'd share...

Can't wait 'till this comes out! Spike Jonze is the man!
Apparently it hasn't been rated yet because the first kids who watched it ran out screaming because it was so scary! That sounds good to me.


My fellow ex-L6s! Let's keep this blog going so we can all see what we've been up to, yes? Yes. Anything you like, illustration related or not. What have you been doing with your time since we left? Maybe you've been sitting on your arses doing nothing. Maybe you've been away to a colourful and cultural land. Maybe you've been up to your neck in mud, sunburnt, or lying in bed with swine flu. Or maybe, like me and Jat, you've decided to start a musical/drawing/dancing act on the streets of Derby to fund our extensive drink habit.

In any case, post something! Keep those creative juices flowing.

Lots of love

Naomi xxx