Wednesday, 31 December 2008

50 books/ 50 days

Something interesting about making books, not so much the process from what I can gather, rather this persons own project.

i saw this and thought it was really nice. 

was gonna post it on the artist book blog, but i dont know how to join it so i can??!! (ps. i'm not so good with blogs :/ can anyone help so i can join it please?? ta!!) :D

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Branding of our Gradshow - We Need You!

Hello all,

Here's a link to the gradshow branding blog I have set up:

I want you all to have a look so you can see how Sarah Carter and I are getting on with creating an identity for our final year show. Also, there is another agenda... we need your help! We want you crazy people to suggest some words/names/ideas that our two heads alone cannot muster.

Imagine if each person in the whole of our year suggested one word; Sarah and I would have mountains of marvelous starting points to work with! So please spread the word!

Either post your ideas as a comment on this post, or here on the Branding blog.

Thanks guys,


Just hit the motherload...!

So I'm back in Hpool and apparently they've decided to throw out like half of their kids books and are selling them off at 10p...They have some amazing ones (which I now own >.>!) and the majority are in really good condition (don't think Hartlepudlian kids read very much >.>). I bought like 35 today, which was as much as I could carry so I'm probably gonna go back tommorrow to buy more. I was wondering if people wanted anything buying for stuff that I wouldn't want for myself..Emil Gravett...Shirley Hughes...stuff like that? I can buy them and give them to people when we get back...they're just so cheeap...I'm also going to buy all of Asterix and tintin because they're selling those too...! -dies in a happy flourish of discount books-

And here are most of them (i couldn't find some of them online!)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

More shameless advertising.

I too nicked Jess's idea and am starting to draw every day, either doodles for new ideas for children's book or a diary type thing, just so I don't get so overwhelmed with my kids book at the moment and I get bored >__<
Here it is :D

Please check it out and follow if you want to.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Museum Collection - second visit

Thanks Johan for coming along! There were only six of us in the end, but we made a good go of it.

We only had 2 hours this time but I tried to do more drawings. There were loads more items put out this time in the large 'Indiana Jones' room. Take a look at the new photos we got if you like here on Flikr.

I once again became seduced by the masks and the small African sculptures. I love how many ways a face can be depicted - great for characters!!

Here I have used some more interesting grounds for my drawings and tried using a fountain pen instead of my trusty fineliner.

Here are some other random sketches I did. I was trying to draw things I wouldn't usually draw - like cars and typography!

It was good to go a second time; I gave the camera to Alec, so I was able to draw more, ha! Next, though, I think it's off to the Henry Wellcome Collection in London for me.

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Half Price Oliver Jeffers Books at Borders - unless you have them all already Guy!

Hey childrens book people, especially Guy, it's 50% off Oliver Jeffers books - only online I think.

Click here if you don't believe me!


Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Museum Collection visit TOMORROW! meet 9:30am canteen

Hello everyone!

Just a reminder that there is another opportunity to go to the Museum Collection tomorrow. We are meeting in the canteen at 9:30am and we have until 12 midday, so it wont eat to much time out of your day for working on dissertation presentations for Friday! Just think, it'll be time enough to produce some fodder for an artist book!

Oh, and Johan, I couldn't get hold of Louise to ask about the room upstairs, but I guess we'll find out tomorrow whether we can draw in there!

Hope to see you there guys,


i was whacked, kicked and forced

people who use image references from the internet, check this one, pretty useful site, type your subject and it will give pretty decent photograph. the site is

ps: Chiu asked me to post this one even though I wanted to keep this on the low but i stand corrected

Monday, 8 December 2008

Check it!

Oliver Jeffers Lost and found book is bin made into a short animation, should be aired on channel 4 xmas eve. So he says anyway!

Screen shots look amazing!


Friday, 5 December 2008


Has anyone in Jonathan Day's group noticed if he's put up the presentation times yet? Just wondering when they are starting >.>...



Does anyone know how long we have left on this project? Cant seem to find out from anyone.

Cheers Guy.

Photos of Photocopied Photos

These are all obviously of the same collaged composition, but I found it interesting how changing the angle of the camera altered the look of it.

(first two are digital and the second two were taken on 110 film)


Thursday, 4 December 2008

Tuesday's collage lesson!

Photocopy, Cut and Position!

L Filip dos santos...AMAZING

Great sketchbook work!.......worth a look


Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Just looking at other styles and Maurice Sendak and was quite pleased with how these turned out, I really like how he uses lines in the drawings and the layers to build up the fur on his creatures.