Wednesday, 30 July 2008

my other abc book idea ( me and mr d)

This is first version of my first two pages of my book me and mr d, this is no way aimed at children i might add.

im still stuck in my ways about not adding colour to thid book as i personally think ( unlike anyone else i show this book idea to) that i should stick

to black and white as the story it self is not a colourful one so i think the black and white skeme suits the mood of the book.

im sort of happy with it....the only thing that im really not sure on is the buildings in the background and im not really sure if the drawing looks flat.

i hate adding backgrounds to my characters, even though i surpose its enevitable that i will have to if i wish t continue to create picture books, but for a first attempt im pretty pleased.

i will be putting up the thumbnails for the whole book in the next week theres just a couple of kinks i need to sort out.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Chiu what you thinking? Giv me ur words of extremely painful wisdom,lol?

Cheers G
Publish Post

Aup. Sorry haven't posted in while, only just got bk from Europe. Heres some of my images from my sketchbook to prove I havent been sitting on my arse doing nout.
I think my images are finally getting better there two or three im actually quite happy with at this stage. The car pic, the box in the grass. Both different medias one with watercolour and biro and line texturing. And the other with dipping pen ink, watercolour and pencil shading the add depth slowly getting there.. I definatley feel my work is getting better and hopefully by the time i get bk i should be on a good starting point.


Thursday, 24 July 2008

Le Gun (pretentious eye candy)

LE GUN is open to submissions. We are looking for short stories, illustrations and anything in-between.

The next deadline for submissions will be confirmed in summer 2008. In the meantime...

do what thou wilst...

"...welcome to a planet created by tireless fantasists, built with ink stained hands and common ground.. this world that I have glimpsed is formed in past, present and future space. I hereby implore all those who feel the need, pack your bags, say goodbye and leave..."

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Comics Britannia BBC2

Watched this tonight on BBC2, and found the industry aspect very educational. I've never been a great fan of English Comics, with the sole exception of 2000AD, as it really shows how little the publishers thought of making any kind of intelligent, moral or social, story to it's audience. It's very much like the carry on films, entertaining the masses, whilst the middle classes look back in fondness at their only commonality with the working classes.. again being of neither (immigrant class I am) I find it very toilet humour. That said, some of the Artwork is great!

Two more parts on the following next Saturdays!!

Anansi and Death

erm these happen by accident, i was saving the files using shotcuts then i press worng buttons and it inverted the images, i thought it's quite nice =)

these( 2 images by the right) i believe most of you have seen it, well i havent manage to put some details but i was thinking the not too busy background actualy useful for the text, that's why i'll leave it for a while

Anansi and Death

these are more precise sketches for the illustrations, some of them meant to be double spreads, some i wouldn't use it, it's all still changeable.

Anansi and Death

hello everyone, sorry for out of radar for a while, well mostly for gathering my references formy projects not really hibernating =) anyway i'll show you the progrsses of my projects. this is my flatplan, i know it's so unreadable but the main purpose was to put the idea quickly then i progress from that

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

NoT EnoUgh pOsts!!

seriously! get posting if you want to get something out of your BIAD related creative life!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

my ABC book idea....

I want to create narrative with simple illustrations that link to one through my simple line drawing. The images appear very abstract, and may take the viewer a while to put two and two together, as the pages have to be folded out each time, and you have to remember what was on the previous page. The water colour colours used in the background will reflect the mood i want to be created... i image a series of these books being created to make a set.

idea for my abc book

i thought id make a series of fold up books and have them with different colour schemes, this on is black white and blue. the colour reflect the feel of the book. i wanted to do continual line drawings that carry on from one page to another, and can only be seen as you fold open the pages.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Related Links

please check the links on the right hand side of this blog for the latest info in picture book related news

SCBWI BI events

"" SCBWI Central West is holding a Critique-nique on Saturday 19 July in Birmingham. Venue: Waterstones New Street, rear of second floor. A chance to get some expert critique on your latest manuscript! Bring 5 extra copies of either a picture book text or no more than 10 double-spaced pages of a longer ms. Illustrators, bring your current portfolio. 10 am start, ending around 2:30 pm. (Bring or buy your own lunch). For more info email Clare or Donna at

dkimages | image encyclopedia

here's a great place for references, however be careful! Just because it's a photo, doesn't mean it feels right. In the above picture, two of the boys look like they've been suspended in time, and the far right characters look like they've been hit by an invisible double decker!

comments on work submitted so far

There are two objectives that you could aim for, actually three, but the third one won't count in either your assessments nor in your professional employment.
  • work assessed by academic staff, whose interest is primarily in aesthetic and design qualities. Of course all assessing is subjective, and so a triangular method of subjectivity is often, fairly or not, adhered to. That is to say, three staff members either harmoniously agree on a mark, or haggle their viewpoints.
  • you have your work commissioned. Clients pay for your work, and this may have less to do with aesthetic and design qualities, because believe me, I see some real crap published out there, and someone must have been paid for it! Having said that, getting external commissions is a sure way, of improving both the quality of your work, and your actual work flow, or understanding of professional practice.
  • The third option, is you like your work, your best friends and family like your work, and even your pet dog approves, and that's what counts, because basically you are your target audience. Although liking what you do is immensely important, otherwise you'd end up depressed, it should not be the benchmark for your creative and critical drive.
So what's been posted so far, and more importantly how can these people continue to develop?
  • beat the blind spot - by getting a trusted second opinion, nothing to do with BIAD, work, or friends, so that there won't be any pressure. They need to be honest, and interested in analyzing your image. They don't need to be artistically gifted themselves, and often it's better that way. They could make a simple observation, such as the sofa the girl is sitting on has mysterious cracks appearing just by her? Or there is a small tail popping out of under the carpet. But also remark, that the shadows are quite convincing.
  • Bite your pride, and do as your tutor asks - some people need to do three, four, or a dozen pencil sketches to work out a strong and engaging composition. Both Guy, and Beckie, have not, and I'm guessing their excuse is that they are exploring their watercolour techniques - which is their first error. Both of you are presenting images which suggest that a strong sense of composition as well as a need for drawing skills is essential - which means that your watercolour will never shine without polishing the other two skills - which means practice and practice and practice, through trial and error, and drawing and composing on the side (sketchbook studies).
    you could argue that in christoper corr's case, he is less concerned with drawing skills, and more influenced by painting, colour and composition!
  • Specific comparative studies, which I see no presentation of at the moment? Posting, side by side, two images - one yours, and one someone else's telling us what you have learnt from them!
Finally, well done to the three who have at least posted their work!!

carbonmade free online portfolios
limited to 5 projects and 35 images, carbonmade is a good way to test what your images may look like on the internet, and how a prospective client may see you work.

make your own here:

"ABC" book concepts

This is a concept for my ABC book " The Tales Of Tom Bones", this is going to be the main character in the story. At the moment the storys fine, i'm just trying to figure out what style or media i want to use for the book. at the moment i am swayed to the simple black line drawing.
i'm going to add water colours to a copy of this image just to see if it would work but im going to using quite dark colours to keep to the twisted yet comic story line.
i've got more concepts on my abc stories blog.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Stuff I did.

This is one of a few drawings i've done, trying to work with colours that don't blinde you. Im still not entirley sure of it, and think that my backgrounds and compostion need work, however I'm rather happy with how my characters are turning out so far.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Hello all,

I went to a networking event in Wolvehampton last night - Out of Hours at the Lighthouse - and one thing that's starting up now that caught my attention is Scampenstein!

Brendan O'Neill, the creator of Scampenstein, is a Birmingham based screen writer who wants to make the first internet community funded animated feature film.

Anyone can get involved in either promoting or preproduction and get full credit and even share in the rewards when it starts making money!

For more info...

Join the facebook group.

Read this interview with O'Neill.

Scampenstein Blog here.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Call for Submissions

Chiu Man in the North

I found this in the Crack on the 'coming soon' Art page so I thought I'd share. The Crack is a culture (Chiu..? Culture? Hah! >.>) magazine that is renowned throughout the North East...and yes..there are some people in the North East who have culture :P It's also subscribed to all around the world...apparently the North East gets it for free...because we are all uncultured swines...>.>

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

On My Desk

This is a great blog to see how other illustrators/designers use their personal spaces as studios, as well as making you really envious of the homes that some people live in!

Check out these stories!!!

i've known about this illustrator for awhile now and if any of you like the simplicity of line drawings then you should enyoy deanna molinaro's style and gift for writing. her books are entitled "not for children books" but you can tell its style is inspirational for childrens book illustrators.
The other great thing about this site is all of her books are on there to read in full! the one i sujest you check out is "The Rabbit" its dark and twisted but is amazing, but all are worth a butchers