Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Stuff & Junk...

Pretty inspiring day today i'd say.. 
(what kind of a sentence is that?!..)

Also, this is my Delicious

- delicious.com/happyasaimee

But if anyone would like to look at some of my work/ boost my numbers ;) ..
go to and add my myspace page.. Thanks :)

- myspace.com/happyasaimee


Monday, 29 September 2008

playing I spy...

If anyone wants to link me to their flickr accounts that would be lovely.
oh and delicious too.



I want to have a look-see at what people are up to...
I am nosey aren't I! =]

x evelyn.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

When you come back!

I see you back on Tuesday the 30th of September!!!!! sorry not October 10:00 am sharp! Should be illustration studios, could be printroom.

When you come back! You need to bring in all of the work you have done over the break! You also need to bring in your statement of intent for the next 12 weeks before xmas - this is basically a written rough week by week plan. PLEASE HAVE THIS READY FOR ME TO LOOK AT!

One day Symposium

I have six tickets for this event! George wants one - that's four left! Read the information carefully, and consider how valuable it would be to you! Then let me know! You will have to make it down by yourself!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

When do we come back....

Chiu when are we actually in for the first time o.o...? I know term starts on the 29th but...when do we need to be in o.o? If you don't know...how do we find out >.>? Also do you want us to bring anything in the first time we come in....such as books we've bought over summer...work we've done etcetc? Help would be useful XP


Monday, 8 September 2008

The latest illustration.

Howdo. This is my latest illustration, this is a copy of Oliver Jeffers aeroplane out of his book 'The way home'. I have placed my own character in this aeroplane the character of which the story is based around. I have finally found a the media that works for me. This is by far one of my strongest drawing ive done in while so really quite happy a this point. Role on new drawing!!!!